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Being a startup founder is really hard

A 2019 report by CMHA found that nearly half of startup founders experienced a low mood or felt mentally tired at least once a week, and over 60% felt depressed at least once a week. 


As a startup founder, when your brainpower isn’t at its optimum, it can lead to: 

  • Tensions amongst co-founders and investors.

  • Poor cash management to sustain growth, especially during turbulent times.  

  • Inability to foresee and execute successful pivots to capture market share.

  • Lack of product-market fit to demonstrate a need for your solution.  


These are just a few factors CB Insights cited in a 2019 report as key contributors to the downfall of 90% of startups. What then, is the one underlying issue behind these factors?


Your Brain Performance. 


Research by HBS showed that 65% of the factors behind failed startups are exacerbated by founders’ mental performance.

The Good News Is...

these reasons for failure ARE avoidable, 

if, startup founders like you, prioritize and invest more in your startup’s most valuable asset - your brain – in order to:

Build Resilience

Optimize Performance

Upgrade Productivity

When you optimize your brain, it feels like YOU are running your startup (not the other way around).

Plus, you receive the added benefits of:

Crystal-clarity of your highest priorities, which in turn drives growth.

Laser-like focus with superior execution of right performance metrics

Hawk-eye futuristic vision for massive exponential and transformational impact.

Shorter financing rounds with the right strategic investors.

Attracting superior talent that has exceptional execution abilities.

A quicker rate of finding product-market fit.

Right-fit channel partnerships that unlock exponential growth.

A shortened sales cycle with the right leads.

A revolutionary product that transforms people with network effect.

It will feel like you are on FIRE, surpassing your AMBITIOUS milestones, and building a startup that is CHANGING THE WORLD.

Can you imagine with an optimized brain what acceleration your startup could possibly experience?

Are you a founder… 

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  • Founder/ Co-Founder with at least 10% ownership. 

  • Already in an accelerator or incubator. 

  • Building a solution that can serve customers globally. 

  • Ready to invest in your brain performance and productivity to meet your milestones. 

...with the FIRM BELIEF that you can create your own reality to change the bottom line of your startup?


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What’s in the 5-Week Brain Optimization Experience?

Achieve Your WILDEST Moonshot Milestones Through An Engineered Stack-based System Uniquely Designed for Startup Founders. Just like blocks, one stack is released digitally per week for you to master and build on. You can master the stack on your own time. Easily adopt and implement the systems to meet and exceed the unique milestones specific to the stage of your startup.

Obtain Measurable Growth FAST Through Immediately-Actionable Techniques Backed by Science. You will receive lessons broken down step-by-step so that you can right away implement teachings to accelerate your productivity, performance and thrive under uncertainty and pressure. Techniques are used by some of the world’s successful founders.

Get Customized Clarity and Directions in Weekly Q&A Lives with brain performance and productivity optimization engineer, Portia Asli, PEng. MBA. Your growth is what matters the most to Portia. Be empowered, motivated and inspired to take clear actionable steps from each of the Lives.

Here's what our Startup Founders say about their Bootcamp Experience.

Meet Your Brain Performance and Productivity Optimization Engineer.

Hi, I’m Portia Asli, a serial entrepreneur, Cambridge University MBA and licensed engineer focused on optimizing brain performance and productivity of startup founders. Having experienced an exit and built 4 businesses in diverse sectors (wearable tech, influencer marketing, online education and management consulting), I know first hand the deep-in-the-trenches challenges of building a scalable startup.


Being embedded in the entrepreneurship ecosystems of North America, Europe and Southeast Asia to work with over 250 startup founders across every sector and industry, one thing is loud and clear: no matter what ‘business’ tactic a founder can execute, if the ‘mind’ isn’t at its optimum level, the chance of success in any business endeavour is compromised. 


Your startup performance is directly correlated to your brain performance. As an expert with more than 20 years of dedicated training and execution, I cannot wait to bring YOU the uniquely engineered system for startup founders to optimize your brain performance and productivity.


Sought After Expert By…  


Secured $450K in non-dilutive funding from very competitive government programs

Ann, Co-Founder

Little Robot Friends

Thank you. Got our first client [a hospital] with your feedback implemented.

Albert, Co-Founder


Got accepted to AC's Jumpstart Program, granting $30,000 in pre-seed funding!

Thanks again Portia- you rock!

Radwan, Co-Founder

LinkMental Health

Negotiated a retainer fee of 33% of the amount owed upfront!

Yohan, Founder


Portia asks great questions, gets to the root of the issues, and helps you address obstacles head-on. She is a valuable asset to have in your corner.

Ben, General Manager


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